The Ward Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

Last time I took the pictures of the Ward family little Nixon was just a toddler. Michelle couldn’t believe it had been so long since we last met. It was a good thing Nixon had a milestone coming up so she had a good excuse to bite the bullet and get her session scheduled.

Truth be told, I’m not a winter person. I had been in full hibernation mode.

But I put on my boots and my coat and braved the cold temperatures. We hurried as fast as we could at their session to keep everyone from freezing.

Nixon was such a trooper. He had a double dose of the cold that day.

Before we met the rest of the family, we went to the Latter Day Saint temple in Logan to document his upcoming baptism.

What a handsome little dude.

Thanks Ward Family! Let’s do it again before Nixon turns 18.

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