AJ & Bryce // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I first met AJ at the gym. She worked in the daycare and my twins adore her! When she wasn’t in town working at the gym, she was working at Disneyworld. Talk about a dream job!

A few years back, it just so happened that we were at Disneyworld on AJ’s birthday. AJ’s mom asked me if I would find AJ and sing her happy birthday. We tracked her down and sang to her right in the middle of Hollywood Studios. I’m sure we embarrassed her, but that’s what good friends do.

When AJ messaged me to take her engagement pictures, I was so excited. She is so fun and I knew her photo session would be easy and playful.

I hadn’t met Bryce before their session, but as soon as I met him I could see why AJ is smitten.

He was so attentive and sweet during their photo session. It wasn’t even the slightest challenge to get them to relax and snuggle up to eat other.

Congratulations AJ and Bryce. I’m so excited for you to start your new chapter of life.

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