Get To Know Us

Hello! I’m Candi. I’m a photographer located in Cache Valley, Utah. I have always loved pictures. Before the time of cell phones and selfies, I put myself in charge of taking snapshots at all family gatherings and special events. I even collected picture frames as a child. It wasn’t until I was all grown up and had graduated college that I realized I wanted to be a photographer. With a love for light and color, a bit of natural talent, and a lot of hard work, I put that dream into action.

As a child and family photographer, I love spending time with babies, kids, and families, capturing their personalities, and delivering warm and timeless images. I have a passion for documenting real life and a love for genuine connections. I’m happiest when I’m creating. Putting my eyes and hands to work through the photography processes gives me the opportunity to create, and brings me joy.

You’ll often find me with a gaggle of children by my side.

It all started almost 11 years ago, with my first born, Paisley. She’s a beautiful redhead with a bit of a feisty attitude. She loves animals, making friends, and dabbling in musical theater. Next comes Max. What can one say about Max? He’s the world’s cutest human that gives me a run for my money, absolutely every minute of every day! He loves Super Mario and coloring with sharpies. Last but not least…surprise…it’s twins! Winnie and Ruby are the icing on our cake. They are the sweetest and funniest babies that have us laughing everyday. Follow my Instagram stories to get in on the fun. Oh and that handsome fella is Brandon. We call him “B”. He’s the mellow among our crazy. Here you can take a peek into our family adventures and get to know us a bit better.