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Every photographer has their own process. Some like to return images right away. Some like to work on them a little longer. Neither is right or wrong. It depends on the photographer’s individual creative process. Part of being a professional photographer is understanding what works for you, and developing a system that allows you to serve your clients best. Would I like to return your images to you the very next day? Sure, I would! Is that going to happen? No, it’s not? Let me tell you why.

Logan Utah Family Photography Session - Sweet Moments by Candi Photography| Logan Utah Family Photographer |Logan Utah Photographer

There are a few things you should know about the editing and delivery part of your photo session. First of all, I have many wonderful clients. The editing and delivery part of your photo session takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Usually you have them back in two weeks. During busy season, there may be times when turn around is just a little bit longer. I tackle editing sessions in the order they come in. Even though we’ve met and taken your photos, I may still have a client from yesterday, or last week that is in line for editing before you.Logan_Utah_Family_Photographer_SummerSecond, I put everything I’ve got into preparing for and carrying out your photo session. I have so much fun with you, and my brain is on creative overdrive! When we finish with your session, I leave creatively exhausted. As excited as I am to run home and start going through your images, I have to give myself a little breather to recharge. After a day or two, my creativity is recharged and I’m ready to look at your session with fresh eyes and excitement.Logan Utah Family Photography Session - Sweet Moments by Candi Photography| Logan Utah Family Photographer |Logan Utah PhotographerLastly, I don’t want to miss a thing. I have a streamlined editing process for your images and the initial steps of editing are quick. However, there’s a second step of the editing process, where I go through every image with a fine tooth comb. I look for ways to make the image the best it can be. Got a zit? Let me get rid of it. Does someone’s hand look out-of-place? Let me move it. Did somebody close their eyes? No, problem. I’ll swap them. It’s an extra special touch I like to give every image.Logan_Utah_Family_Photographer_SummerMy goal is to return images to you as quickly as I can. The tender loving care I like to give takes more than a day or two, and I think it is worth it in the end!


– Candi

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