Winn & Rue // Logan Utah Child Photographer

Oh, these two little stinkers! Trying to get birthday pictures of them this year was a mess. Well, it seemed like a mess at the time. I was pretty sure we left without getting even one decent picture. My own kids don’t think I’m as funny or charming as other people’s kids do.

I didn’t even look at these pictures or edit them until many months after they were taken. I thought what’s the use. It felt like the session was all fits and crying.

When I finally opened them up to edit, I laughed at myself. The pictures are adorable!

Any photographer will agree that this is what commonly happens when you try to photograph your own children. It’s stressful, and your expectations may be a little too high. In the end, the pictures are always way better than you thought they would be.

Somebody just needs to tell me to chill!

The blossoms wherein full force and we were lucky enough to get a few shots in front of this amazing tree.

Oh how I love these two little stinkers.

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