Paisley June // Logan Utah Family Photographer

My oldest is growing up. Say it ain’t so! She’s at an age where she likes getting her picture taken. That’s such a relief for this old mom. I’ve been waiting for that her whole life. We tried to a new location this year. It didn’t disappoint.

She asked me if I’d post the outtakes from our session on Instagram. That’s my kind of girl! She’s equal parts funny and beautiful.

She’s starting to share shoes with me and will be taller than me before long. I really can’t believe it.

She has the most beautiful hair. We had a hair dye catastrophe earlier this summer where we ended up with green hair for a month or two. Yikes! I’m happy to report that her gorgeous red locks are back to normal. Phew!

She’s really into making movies lately. She’s actually really great at it! Her playdates with friends and neighbors often include shooting scenes for their latest project.

She is such a great help. Having a built in babysitter helps me so much.

Happy birthday beautiful girly!

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