The Ashliman Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I love the Ashliman crew. Kenzie is one of my best friends. I get to take her pictures every year. This year I got the special treat of hanging out with her extended family. Man was it fun! Extended family sessions are always an adventure. There’s lots of people to manage, but I’m so happy when we can get the whole group together.

We shot an extra long session to make sure and get all the groups and poses everybody wanted. I’m pretty sure all the dads were spent by the time we were done, but they were good sports.

The kids didn’t mind the session at all. In between shots they were running, chasing and having a blast with their cousins.

Kade and Staci’s family are so sweet. The girls looked beautiful and the boys so handsome.

That little Brody is the icing on the cake though. Look at that big smile!

These two little dudes are the same age and the best of buds. I’m sure they will have so much fun growing up together. I’m sure they’ll get in plenty of trouble too.

I’ve known Brad since my college days. I met Kenzie once they got married, but became good friends with her about 8 years ago when we ran a relay race together. She is truly one of a kind, such a sweetheart and great friend. She’s also the owner of Tanz By Kenz. I couldn’t live without my weekly spray tan from her!

Three of the handsomest boys I’ve ever seen.

Thanks Ashliman Family!

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