Summer Vacation // Surviving Toddlers of Terror

It’s a goal of mine to go on a family vacation each year. With the twins, I have to be realistic with what is actually possible. This last year, we kept it simple, close to home, and had the best time.

Bear Lake is about an hour from our home. We rented a cabin, enjoyed the beach, and took in all Garden City has to offer.

Pickleville Playhouse is a must when you’re at Bear Lake. It is an adorable, little theater. The shows are always excellent, and so, so funny! My older kids were almost rolling on the floor with laughter.

We rented one of those canopy covered bikes and took a little ride around Garden City. Holy cow! Peddling those things is not for the weak, especially with four kids in tow.

Vacations with kids are never very relaxing, but I must say this one wasn’t bad. We kept things very low-key. We didn’t lose a baby. We didn’t get kicked out of any restaurants. We didn’t even get a sunburn. I must say it was a huge success. We’re already talking about when we’ll go next year.

We’re headed on another vacation soon. This one isn’t as close to home, we’re flying with all the kids. Wish. Us. Luck!

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