Winn & Rue // Logan Utah Child Photographer

The twins are turning four! What can I say about these two? They are hilarious. They are so similar in so may ways on the outside, but each one comes with a unique personality.

We call Winnie “Wild Card Winnie”. She’s always doing crazy stuff. Wearing leggings on her head for a wig, spraying the kitchen floor with kitchen spray, and getting into mom’s makeup are a few of her latest shenanigans.

Ruby is equally as hilarious, but is a little more serious. If you follow my personal page on Instagram, you’re familiar with her friend “Baby”. Baby is a skeleton decoration. She latched on to her at Halloween and she joins us for many activities.

You’ll often find Ruby off on her own in her own little world.

Everyone asks me if it’s easier now that they’re older. The answer is no. Having two at the death defying toddler stage is a lot of work! I can’t trust them for a second.

Happy birthday twinsies! You keep life interesting and keep me young…or give me lots of gray hair. I’m not sure which!

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