What To Expect: Family Session with Older Children

Children change and grow so fast. We tend to focus on capturing and preserving the baby stage, taking pictures and documenting every milestone. As children getolder, the documentation slows. It is absolutely possible that the eye rolls and the “whatevers” have something to do with it! Promises of ice cream and candy bribes no longer work, and they are much less tolerant of us as parents. Through it all, kids deserve to be captured during all stages of their life. Don’t catch your self looking back wishing you would have done a better job documenting their milestones, and celebrating the teenage and young adult years.Logan_Utah_Family_Photographer_Summer

Here are a few tips to help your survive a photo session with older children:

  1. Don’t ask them to smile. Nothing produces a more awkward smile from a pre-teen and teenager than asking them to smile. Don’t force it. As we go through your session, I’ll work to get your child to relax. As they relax, their genuine smile will naturally come through, and I’ll be there ready to capture it. It’s not your job to get your child to show their true personality, or give a genuine smile during a photo shoot. That’s my job! Let me take the lead.
  2. Make them feel like a million bucks. As children grow older, they become more insecure. It’s important during a photo shoot to be aware of that, and tread lightly when it comes to their appearance. The more you raise a fuss over how they look, they less confident they’ll feel.  Step in when you need to, to fix a stray hair or smooth a wrinkly shirt, but be careful when making comments about their appearance. Tell them how great they look and build up their confidence. Logan_Utah_Family_Photographer_Summer
  3. Ask for their input. When you treat a child like you value their opinion, they’ll take ownership of the situation. Letting them give ideas on the location, the colors they want to wear, or how they’d like to pose, will help them feel like they are important to the experience, rather than being forced to do something by their parents.
  4. Give it time. A particularly moody child probably won’t give in to the experience right away, and that’s okay! A photo session gets more relaxed as it goes along. By the end, they’ll soften up. Don’t be worried about the time. We’ll work at it until we get it, even if it takes a little longer.Logan_Utah_Family_Photographer_Summer
  5. Have a positive attitude. Avoid saying things like, “I know you don’t want to do it, but you have to”, or “I know it won’t be fun, but please cooperate”. Instead say, “This will be so great! I can’t wait to have updated pictures”, or “Gosh, you’re so good looking right now. I can’t wait to see how that outfit looks on you in your pictures”. Positive vibes go a long way, and never underestimate the power of a compliment.Logan_Utah_Family_Photographer_Summer

Don’t let time slip by and miss the opportunity to document your children as they grow. Click the “Book Now” button below to schedule your family photo session. Can’t wait to hear from you!

– Candi








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