Valentine’s Day Mini’s // Logan Utah Child Photographer

I like to take Valentine’s Day pictures of my kids each year. I leave the studio set up and usually have a few clients wander in for a session during the month of love. Keoni and Erica stopped by. I haven’t seen Keoni since I did his newborn pictures. He is a beautiful boy! I loved watching how much he and Erica love each other. They’re a pretty cool duo.

My three favorite dudes, the Nelson brothers, joined us, too.

I won’t pick a favorite…oh wait…yes I will. We all know it’s Dawson. He’s everyone’s favorite. He is beyond adorable. That curly hair is the icing on the cake. Max and Kanon are always good sports and we end up laughing and being silly during our sessions

This might be the last year I can get my Paisley to cooperate for Valentine’s Day pictures. She’s on the verge of “Tweendom” and will probably be too cool for it soon. But man is she cute!

Max is quite the ladies man, making sure to share a kiss during our session.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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