The Turner Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I’ve known both Brady and Tina since we were all kids. Brady and I are the same age and went to school together. He is the most hilarious human you’ll ever meet. Every time I see him, I leave the conversation with a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat. Tina lived in my neighborhood and we went to church together. She is as sweet as they come.

Hokan and Vinson joined the Turner party recently. Those sweet little boys couldn’t ask for better parents. They have a pretty cool adoption story, but I’ll leave that for the Turners to tell. I couldn’t be happier for them!

I asked Tina during our session if she just laughs all day long everyday. Being married to Brady, I think you’d have to.

Before Hokan and Vinson came along, there was Murphy. He was the star of the show at our last photo shoot. This time, he did what every good big brother would do and hung in the background. Of course he joined us when it was his turn. He’s doing a great job at being the big brother.

It was so fun to see Tina and Brady in their new roles as parents. They are pros already.

Thanks, Turner Family!

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