The Summers Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I met the Summer’s family a couple of summers ago. We were renting a home while we were building an new one. The Summer’s family lived close by. It was so fun to reconnect with them at their photo shoot. They are a hoot!

I love a family that doesn’t take things too seriously, says it like it is, and knows how to laugh.

We caught the fall colors at the perfect time. I especially loved this session because the fall colors were soft and beautiful instead of bold and vibrant. Those soft colors and the beautiful light peeking through the trees made the perfect combination.

Each of the kids came with their own personality. They had me laughing and smiling through the entire session.

We took special care not to dirty Kendrick’s new shoes. We made sure to stay clear of the dust and tippy toe through the grass. He really, really didn’t want them to get dirty. I don’t blame him. Look how cool they are.

Lindsay is so beautiful! I caught myself feeling jealous of her hair and make up during the entire session. And boy do those kiddos love her.

Stetson is such a handsome guy. He was so sweet and cooperative.

My little boy used to love playing with Lilah on the community playground and swimming with her in the pool. She is such a sweetheart, with a little side of sass.

Mike is hilarious. I’m sure anyone who has ever had a conversation with him will tell you the same. He’s so fun to talk to and always gives me a good laugh.

Thanks Summers Family. I hope to see you again soon!

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