The Larsen Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I hadn’t shot in this location for a few years. Because of all the rain we got this spring, I knew it would be looking beautiful and would be the perfect spot to take the Larsen Family. The trees were green, the grass was overgrown, and the light is so beautiful.

Becky is in a Bunco group with me. She is hilarious. I’m pretty sure we’re polar opposites, but they do say opposites attract. I’m always so excited when I get to hang out with her.

When we first got there, Zander was really mad. His mom told him they were going to a park. He was pretty disappointed that there wasn’t a playground there. We let him be sad for a minute, then it was time to get down to business.

I knew it would just take a few minutes to get him to relax and his cheesy grin would come out.

Jonathan and I had some great conversations about his favorite things, and how many girlfriends he has. Such a handsome dude.

One of my favorite things about Becky and Jeron is how much you can tell they love each other. I remember commenting to her one time, “Look! he still loves you”. Her reply was, “Yes, he does”. I loved how confident she was about it, and I love how sweet Jaron is to her.

Thanks Larsen Family! See you again soon.

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