The Hellstern Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

Awhile ago, sweet Heather decided to foster two adorable kiddos. I’ve taken pictures of them before, but wasn’t able to share them without their guardians consent. I can officially share photos now because HEATHER ADOPTED THEM!!! How amazing is that! Not only did she adopt two kids, she’s a single mom to boot. What an amazing woman!

I’m just so excited for their new life together.

Ryker wasn’t in the mood for pictures. I think Heather was feeling pretty stressed about it. I would be too if I was the mom.

When kids aren’t in the mood for pictures, sometimes you just have to wait. A switch from being focused on the pictures to being focused on the child usually does the trick.

Once you can get the kiddos talking, telling you about all your favorite things, the pictures will happen.

What a beautiful lady!

Congratulations Heather, Hailey, and Ryker!

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