The Christofferson Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

You’ve heard the saying, It’s a small world. Sometimes that really turns out to be true. Cortney is my cousin through marriage. Her mom Debbie is a previous co-worker of mine. One day at a baby shower for Cortney, I saw my good friend Debbie. Little did I know that Debbie was Cortney’s mom. How funny is that! It was so nice to meet the whole extended family.

Some of the Christofferson Family live out of state. When the whole gang got together, we seized the opportunity for family pictures.

Extended family sessions are always a little crazy. There’s a lot going on!

But they’re equally as fun.

Fun for most anyway.

But really, what would a family event be without someone crying?

It was a great experience and I’m so happy I was able to capture all these cute faces for my sweet friend Debbie.

She is one of my favorites!

Thank you Christofferson Family!

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