The Casselman Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

It was time for some updated photos of the Casselman Family. The fall colors were in full force. We picked a location I hadn’t shot at in awhile. I forgot how beautiful it can be.

We started by the river and let the warm light filter in. People don’t often think of blush for fall photoshoots, but I love it! It helps blend the greens and golds, and prevents people from blending in to the background.

Mia is beyond gorgeous. Every time I photograph her, I’m so excited to go home and edit the photos.

You can tell how much Bryce and Kim adore these two girls.

Quincey is equally as beautiful. She has the prettiest soft complexion.

I sometimes wonder if Quincey and Mia are total opposites. They have such a cute sister bond and make photographing them really run.

Thanks Casselman Family!

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