The Barker Family // Logan Utah Photographer

I’ve been photographing the Barker family since Ty, the one with the glasses, was just a little babe. It’s been ten years! I’d yet to meet their newest addition, Lizzie. I was so excited when it was time for our yearly mini session so I could meet her.

I think it’s safe to say she’s the star of the family.

With a face like this, I would expect nothing less!

Yes, Lizzie is adorable, but the Barker boys are wonderful, too! Caleb has been off an adventures using his Portuguese skills and big muscles to build a school in Cape Verde. Noah is off to the 8th grade this year, and I think I need to draft an arranged marriage contract for him to marry my daughter.

Ty is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. He’s quiet and calm, which is sometimes just what I need during a crazy family session. And then there’s Jace. He’s the same age as my little boy, and I love hearing about all the crazy things he does at school and when they hang out.

Alan and Megan are doing a fabulous job raising this great group of kiddos.

And I’m so happy that Megan now has a sweet, sweet daughter in the mix of all those crazy boys.

Thank you, Barker Family!

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