The Ballard Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

When Kate messaged me about her session, she really wanted pretty light. We picked one of my favorite spots with the perfect light. I watched the weather all day worried the clouds were going to sabotage our plan. When we started the session, it was cloudy. I was bummed. But we got lucky! The clouds cleared and the beautiful fall light poured in.

This was my first session with the Ballard family. They are a lovely and I really enjoyed getting to know them.

Kate did a wonderful job picking out outfits that coordinated perfectly and matched the warm tones of fall.

Hadlie is the oldest daughter and wears the badge of honor well. She was cute and sweet with her younger sisters.

Kennedy’s hair is beautiful. Mine is stick straight and I always envy hair with the perfect wave.

Nora is sporting two important milestones of childhood, a freckled nose and gap toothed smile. She is so cute! She has a smile that makes you want to giggle.

I could tell that Shawn adores all of his beautiful ladies.

Thanks Ballard Family!

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