Siler Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I decided to be brave and do mini sessions at Tony Grove. I get a little nervous doing so because there’s no cell phone service. That makes it hard to communicate with clients and keep in touch if we can’t find each other or if someone is running late. Lucky for me the Siler family was early, and ready to go. A photographer friend of mine who was also at Tony Grove pointed them in my direction to make it easy to find each other.

The mountains were so green and beautiful that day. My favorite!

I could sense that Hope was a little stressed and had reservations about her session. I was determined to make it laid back and fun.

Her kiddos made that easy. I felt like I left the session with four new best friends!

After the session, Hope thanked me and let me know that they had photos taken earlier in the year and it wasn’t a good experience.

Her reservations about our session now made sense.

I was so happy I cold provide a better experience for the Siler Family this time. I was excited to get home and edit the photos so Hope could see how wonderful they are.

Thanks, Siler Family!

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