Loosle Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

I first met Annette and Lyndon quite a few years ago when we lived in the same neighborhood. I was so excited when Annette called me to take their family pictures when the whole gang was together this summer. The session didn’t quite go as planned. I had checked the weather, checked it twice, and checked it again. With just a 3% chance of rain, I was sure it would be a beautiful, clear night.

Just as we arrived at our location, the dark clouds rolled in.

My mind said oh crap. But I pretended like it was all okay and got right to work.

We had to pause a couple of times and hide under umbrellas, but in between bursts of rain, we managed to get all the shots we needed.

Towards the end of our session, we headed down the mountain to catch a bit more light and hopefully a little less rain.

All in all, it turned out to be a great night. We had fun and their pictures turned out beautifully.

Thanks, Loosle Family!

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