Logan Utah Family Photographer // Spring Mountains and Flowers

We moved this passed year. One of the things I will miss the most are the mountains and fields that surround our past home. In the spring, when the yellow flowers bloom, it’s breathtaking. Before we moved, I wanted to get some pictures of my kiddos. I remember being so disappointed in how they turned out and frustrated that my kids wouldn’t cooperate. I tucked the files away and forgot about them. Fast forward seven months and I pulled them up look at them one last time before I decided they were trash. Looking at them now, I can’t remember what I hated so bad about them! Photographer momma is a bit of a perfectionist.

Paisley is always stunning with that red hair and freckles sprinkled on her nose. She’s turning into a lady right before my eyes. Max…if you know Max, you love him. He is truly a treasure! He’s the child that is most like me. We’re a rare breed and I’m so lucky I’m not alone. And then there’s the twinsies. Time has flown since they were born and my heart about explodes each time I look at them. I’m sure we’ll visit the mountains again this spring, but we sure will miss looking at them out our window every day.Logan Utah Family Photographer

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