A Day In The Life – Volume V // Logan Utah Lifestyle Photographer

We’re so happy to finally have some warm spring weather. We’ve felt a bit cooped up this winter. Warmer weather means more time outside, baseball games, swimming lessons, summer camps, and moving into our new home! We’ve had a fun time here in the condo, but we’re all ready for a little extra space.

Our afternoons have been spent much like this.

I try to encourage my kids to do creative activities, like coloring, play dough, using rubber stamps and stickers, but man that’s hard with twins! The tops have been bitten off of all the Color Wonder markers, and I’m scared to think of how much play dough they’ve eaten. Sitting quietly and doing an activity just isn’t in the cards for these two. There is this weird twin energy where they feed off of each other. My hope is that will lead to greatness in the future. For now, it usually leads to big messages and lots of baths!

A little lounging, a little playing, a little coloring, and some goldfish. What else could we ask for?

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