A Day In The Life – Max Edition // Logan Utah Lifestyle Photographer

Oh, Max! He came into this world with a lot of emotion and that continues to be his “M-O” today. A day spent with him is full of pure joy, complete devastation, and soap opera level drama – all rolled in to one. You would think with a house full of girls he would be the least emotional child, but it is quite the opposite. No one makes me laugh harder, frustrates me more, or holds a bigger piece of my heart than this guy.

He’s had a full head of hair almost since birth. It gets petted daily and he’s often mistaken for a girl. He’s very attached to his it. We’ve cut it short-ish only once or twice in his life. After a recent trim, he came up to me and exclaimed, “Mom! You cut my hair WAY too short and I know I have no idea what to do with it! I’m embarrassed!”

You’ll usually find him in either his pajamas, his underwear, or one of his sister’s costumes. That’s just the way he rolls. He’s often singing a song, playing a tune, or working on some choreography. When he’s not doing something musical, he’s doing some sort of craft or creating something. Play-do, perler beads, and art supplies clutter the countertop daily. His latest obsession is writing stories. Only he doesn’t know how to read or spell. So we sit together and I tell him every letter of every word to his story. Oh my!

He’s a loud talker. And he NEVER stops talking. I’m not sure how many things I’ve agreed to when I’ve said “uh-huh” because my ears are exhausted, and I’ve tuned him out. One day I told him he was grounded from talking the rest of the day. His response was, “Ok. I guess I’ll just sing.” And he did just that! He sang every word right up until bedtime.He is stubborn and headstrong and walks a path all his own. He is the child who is most like me. And I’m grateful for that.
He’s my Maxy Merritt Stinky Carrot. He is the world’s cutest human and I love him!

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