A Day In The Life – Chicken & Rooster Strike Again // Logan Utah Lifestyle Photographer

I often get asked, “What is it like to have twins?”. Picture this…it’s a nice quiet afternoon. Paisley is at school, Max is outside playing, and the babies are down for a nap. I finally have a moment to myself. Before I sit down to relax, I decide I better check in on the babies. They are such angels and I know I’ll find them peacefully sleeping just as they should be.

Or maybe not. What is it like to have twins? It is pure chaos!

On this particular day, I found them partially diaperless in a sea of wet wipes.

They take their diapers off every chance they get. I can’t even tell you how many games of poo-poo-pattycake they’ve played. I’m lucky that this time the diaper was clean, and the worst of the mess was the wet wipes. After all the fun, the girlies were happy to clean up.

Chicken and Rooster strike again!

(Winnie…Winns…Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner…Chicken and Ruby…Rue Rue…Rooster)

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