The Nelson Brothers // Logan Utah Child Photographer

What a handsome trio! I thought Max and Kanon were the dynamic due, until Dawson came along. I’m sure sure he’s stolen everyone’s heart who has met him. He’s the perfect caboose for the Nelson family.

You never know for sure how toddlers are going to act at a photo session. Dawson was there for it! He was ready to steal my heart once again. Maybe it’s the curly hair. Maybe it was the overalls. Maybe it’s just the fact that he’s so darn cute!

Big brother Max is such a sweetheart. He’s always looking out for his younger brother’s and sets such a good example for them.

It was a special photo shoot for Kan Man. He was getting ready to be baptized.

That baby blue suit was fabulous! He looked so handsome in it and it was the perfect pairing for with the warm light and green trees.

Thanks, Nelson Bros. Love you guys!

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