The Panfiloff Family // Logan Utah Family Photographer

The Panfiloff family – they’re a good time! Greg is my trainer at the gym. He and Shayla have such fun and handsome boys. Greg tried to tell me that his boys are really naughty. He lied. They were so much fun and kept me laughing.

At first, we were a little bummed that it was a bit snowy and a cold day, but it turned out perfectly! The sun peaked out of the clouds at just the right times. The blues, greens, and yellow in the background complimented them perfectly, and the light was beautiful.

Greg and Shayla’s oldest boys are twins. Greg and I often commiserate over being a twin parent and how crazy it can be. I’m always telling him funny stories when we’re working out. He follows up with an equally funny story.

Thanks for hanging out with me, Panfiloff Family!

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